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motorcycle moving sale

Hi Folks

I am selling my beloved bike BMW R800R 1997.

here the craigslist post: http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/mcy/5827308516.html

1997 BMW R850R Dolphin Blue
low milage - 35000 miles
5 speed transmission
Original tool kit and tire repair set
Original windshield
Original cases
New tires, break pads
Runs well
VIN is available upon request

False Creek
$4300 OBO

spread the word, pls
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Nisa House

House for sale on the shore of the Pacific Huatulco. The house is built of eco-technologies from Adobe and wood Chichi. Without the use of a single nail and harmful building materials. The house, designed by the genius of Ukrainian architect. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Spacious kitchen with oak furniture, Mexican, living room and office. Also, there are outbuildings, a guest house made with the same technology and consists of two floors. On the ground is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom on the second floor one bedroom and a living room with views of the beach Tejon. There is also a home for workers which has two rooms and a kitchen and even a workshop with woodworking equipment. The house is situated on a plot of 35 acres, which is planted with different types of trees, banana, cocoa, coffee, pomegranate, papaya. On site there is an observation deck overlooking the ocean, just be a gazebo type Palyapa. There is parking for three cars. The house is laid fiber optic cable internet, own Transformer. The property has irrigation system, including the system of drip irrigation and underground water tanks. The plot has direct access to the beach, the property ladder. All terraces are made on site from local gravel and cement M500.

Movers to Abbotsford from Van?

TL;DR I borrowed a twin bed & frame years ago from someone in Abbotsford and I have to return it now. I'm living in Vancouver (close to UBC) and I'm wondering if it's worth my while to hire movers to bring only the bed & frame back to Abbotsford or if I should just offer to pay them back for the bed & frame and chuck the damn thing here in Vancouver?

Any ideas who I can ask to move the bed to Abbotsford and what the price range would be?

Where to Buy "No Smoking" Signs Downtown?

I've checked the Harbor Center Dollarama and Tinseltown's Yokoyaya to no avail. Any ideas? Thank you!

Passports/drinking in the States?

Hey guys,

I've been looking around online but can't find anything on the subject: Does anyone know if a Canadian passport combined with a credit card are sufficient ID to drink in the States? (A passport alone is enough to cross the border, I've read.) Sudden plans came up for a trip to Portland and Seattle, but my wallet was recently stolen, and I likely won't be able to get a new BC ID in my hands in time for the trip.

I am over 21, by the way.

Is there any place to get a flat tire fixed on a Sunday? I already know if it's not done today it won't be done tomorrow either...

And, sidenote - where do people usually go here anyway? I don't suppose Vancouver has anything like the American Les Schwab chain where they fix flats for free do they?

Motorcycle restoration

Is there any place in Vancouver that can restore bikes like they do on that show American Restoration?

Freeganism/Extreme Couponers

Hi all!

I'm looking to connect with someone (or an entire family) in the Greater Vancouver area who lives by the "Freegan" lifestyle, but with a bit of a twist... I'd like to speak with people who attempt not to spend ANY money. So a combo of freeganism, couponing, bartering, etc.

If you know of anyone who fits this description, I'd hugely appreciate being pointed in their direction!

Just doing a bit of research for a potential article. Cheers!

Moving companies

I am moving next month and because I a) like my friends and b) have 14 bookcases worth of books, I'm looking for a moving company.  Anyone have any recommendations for or against a given moving company?

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