earthabbey (earthabbey) wrote in vancouver,

Parenting books and Telus phones

I'm looking for 2 recommendations of best place for....

1) Used parenting books. Are there any used bookstores you know that have a good parenting section? Books on midwifery, birthing, stuff by Penny Simkin, Dr. Sears, etc, not the fluffy stuff. I am a post partum doula and I'm trying to beef up my collection of recommended books to loan out to expectant parents. Due to my nerdy and environmental nature, most everything I have purchased is in ebook format. Only now am I seeing what a bad investment that was going forward lol (p.s. if you've got these types of books I'd be willing to purchase them from you)

2) Best place to get a new Telus phone/contract/signup THIS WEEKEND. So, what I mean, is I have gotten most of my phones in the past from Future Shop but I went in there today and there were temp staff that couldn't answer questions and since I'm buying an expensive phone and an expensive plan I want to feel confident in my salesperson. Any suggestions?

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December 28 2013, 07:01:53 UTC 3 months ago

Try Banyen - they have a used section, and also a few doors down on 4th they have Kestrel books, which is like Banyen, but used. Failing that try McLeods cuz they have everything.


January 6 2014, 03:43:36 UTC 3 months ago

Go find UBC midwifery students and ask them if they have any used books they're willing to sell?