dorota (dstroy) wrote in vancouver,


OK this is kinda random - but if I were looking to decorate something with decals and bumper stickers and didn't want to order from a site online, where would I go in the Vancouver area where I might find a reasonable selection?
I seem to recall going to actual sticker shops when I was a kid - do those even still exist?

My Google-fu is failing me, other than online cafe-press type shops and places in Vancouver where you can have like 100+ of your stickers custom made, but I'm looking for a bunch of different ones and not ones I design myself...Any ideas?
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December 20 2013, 01:30:48 UTC 4 months ago

Not in the Vancouver area... but have you tried dollar stores? I know that the two dollar stores (one Dollarama and one generic) in my area both still have stickers.


December 20 2013, 04:50:27 UTC 4 months ago

You could try contacting , I think they can do custom as well.


December 20 2013, 04:53:19 UTC 4 months ago

Also try The Rock Shop on Granville St.


December 20 2013, 06:21:35 UTC 4 months ago

The Rock Shop? Is that the funky little crystal domed place by the Kids Market?


December 20 2013, 06:51:23 UTC 4 months ago

No, its this place~


December 20 2013, 19:52:52 UTC 4 months ago

Thanks I'll check it when it's not snowing I guess ;) Bus rides today I imagine are gonna be pretty slow!


December 20 2013, 06:22:25 UTC 4 months ago

Cool will look into it - Looking to decorate some bikes and helmets and such :)


December 20 2013, 14:26:10 UTC 4 months ago

Believe it or not, Walmart in their stationary section has a decent selection of stickers. Also in Metrotown, the random Hello Kitty stores usually have loads of Disney, Sanrio, etc. stickers as well.


December 20 2013, 19:52:13 UTC 4 months ago

I guess the thing is - the stickers that kids use on notebooks are usually easily washed - hence the bumper sticker issue. Though you're right - some of those might be vinyl and plastic rather than just paper.... We want to decorate things that are going to stay on when they get wet (bikes and helmets and such). I suppose Canadian Tire might have like those stupid family stickers you see on people's minivans and Canucks logos...but I was hoping to find some other quirky designs that arent of the "peeing Calvin" genre ;)


December 20 2013, 19:46:34 UTC 4 months ago

Michaels has a big aisle of stickers, mostly oriented towards scrapbooking & card-making, so I'm not sure how that might fit into what you're wanting. They can get pricey, so it pays to watch for "X% off your entire purchase" coupons in the mail or on their website.


December 20 2013, 19:49:10 UTC 4 months ago

yeah.. I wondered about that. We're wanting to decorate stuff that gets wet - snowboards, bikes, helmets and such... Bumper stickers used to fit the bill perfectly, and occasionally I remember finding sticker gumball-like dispensers in front of grocery stores, but that was in the US, and here I havent seen those except when they're dispensing Pokemon-like Japanese anime toys!


December 21 2013, 22:38:25 UTC 3 months ago

Skateboard and snowboarding shops will sell those, but they will mostly be logos of skate/snowboarding/surfing companies etc. Fourth avenue has lots of skate/snowboard shops.


December 21 2013, 01:42:17 UTC 4 months ago

I think I remember seeing some bumper stickers at Urban Empire...