Nilmandra (nilmandra) wrote in vancouver,

Dental costs in Vancouver

Hi Vancouver. I have a question about dentists and dental costs here in Vancouver. Sorry if it seems elementary but we've moved from a different country and healthcare system so this is all new to us :)

I have checked out a few dentists and have been frankly shocked by the prices. It seems many people have dental insurance coverage from their employers. Unfortunately this is not the case for myself or my husband so we will be paying the full fees. For all 4 dentists that we've asked, the fees seem to be the same: $220-250 for an initial registration and check up, and also about the same or just under $200 for subsequent check ups.

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations (actually I just don't have a clue, heh), but that seems like heck of a lot of money for a check up. Doen't it then go straight into the stratosphere if it's for cavities, extractions etc.?? I have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be monitored (it flares up and gets all unhappy from time to time but otherwise not too bad) and perhaps treated in some form (*gulp*) otherwise I wouldn't bother with regular dental visits, to be honest... Especially with those kind of fees.

I guess I'm hoping to get some local opinion about dental costs, and whether what I've been quoted is 'standard' or 'normal'. If that is the case, then there's nothing for it and I'll just have to cough up the money when necessary. If people know of good dentists, and who don't charge an arm and/or a leg, please do leave a comment as well. We live in Kits but travelling is ok if not too far and accessible by public transport.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you all have a good start to the weekend :)
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