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Paid cooking gig

Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to cook for me for 2 months. This is something you can do at your home if you want. The job ad is here: http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/dmg/5016564968.html

p.s. I am overwhelmed with school and will likely miss your post if you reply here. Please contact me through the Craigslist link if you are interested as I have set up a filter to highlight replies and make sure I see those emails.

chicken paprikash

Vancouver! Where can I get a proper chicken paprikash?

Bonus points if it's served with spaetzel.

Movers to Abbotsford from Van?

TL;DR I borrowed a twin bed & frame years ago from someone in Abbotsford and I have to return it now. I'm living in Vancouver (close to UBC) and I'm wondering if it's worth my while to hire movers to bring only the bed & frame back to Abbotsford or if I should just offer to pay them back for the bed & frame and chuck the damn thing here in Vancouver?

Any ideas who I can ask to move the bed to Abbotsford and what the price range would be?

Pinball machine techs

Hello Vancouver Community,

Does anyone know of someone in the Lower Mainland who knows how to fix a 1970s EM pinball machine? The key is they need to be able to come to me, as I'm not really able to take my pinball machine in.

Thanks in advance.

What's the state of homophobia in Ladner?

I'm considering a move to Ladner to shorten the commute but I'd rather not move into redneckland. Does anyone know whether the community there is LGBT-friendly?

Where to Buy "No Smoking" Signs Downtown?

I've checked the Harbor Center Dollarama and Tinseltown's Yokoyaya to no avail. Any ideas? Thank you!

Passports/drinking in the States?

Hey guys,

I've been looking around online but can't find anything on the subject: Does anyone know if a Canadian passport combined with a credit card are sufficient ID to drink in the States? (A passport alone is enough to cross the border, I've read.) Sudden plans came up for a trip to Portland and Seattle, but my wallet was recently stolen, and I likely won't be able to get a new BC ID in my hands in time for the trip.

I am over 21, by the way.


Buying butter in Chinatown

I live in Chinatown and I have yet to discover this...does anyone know if any of the stores in Chinatown sell butter?? I've checked several over the years and can never find it...maybe you know?

Aug. 3rd, 2014

Is there any place to get a flat tire fixed on a Sunday? I already know if it's not done today it won't be done tomorrow either...

And, sidenote - where do people usually go here anyway? I don't suppose Vancouver has anything like the American Les Schwab chain where they fix flats for free do they?

Motorcycle restoration

Is there any place in Vancouver that can restore bikes like they do on that show American Restoration?

reminders about posting

-Read the community rules first. (They can be found here.

- do not make inquiries for anything illegal. that includes drugs (prescription or otherwise).

- google is your friend. use it.

- keep your posts on-topic (read: specific to vancouver)

- spamming this community will get you banned immediately

- check through past posts and tagged entries to see if your question has already been answered.

- title your posts appropriately and descriptively.

- use a cut if your post contains: excessively long text, nsfw material, and/or images larger than 500x500 pixels. if you are requested to cut your post and fail to do so within a reasonable amount of time, it will be deleted.

- posts with the sole intent of snarking/ridiculing belong in snarkyvancouver

- vancouverrental: for all your rental property and tenancy issues

- if you have a problem with the mod, take it up via vancouver_mods. Do not make a whiny post here.

how to find untagged posts

enter the following as a google search:

[...] site:community.livejournal

with your search words (eg "moving companies") replacing [...]. adding the name of the lj user who made the post (or one who commented in it) to your search words will narrow down the results.


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